Assisting Bible translators around the world in Hebrew knowledge
By sending Israelis abroad to provide local Biblical Hebrew courses

Join us and a growing team of Israeli teachers in the vision of bringing Biblical Hebrew courses to your local translation projects and training centers!

• Training Israelis in Biblical Hebrew and teaching methodologies
• Identifying translation projects and teams that want to host Israeli teachers for one-month courses
• Sending out teachers with the spiritual backing and prayer covering of their local Israeli congregations
• Exposing local translators to Biblical culture and Israelis to their brothers and sisters in faith around the world

In recent years, both individual translators and Bible translation organizations have expressed the need for more Biblical Hebrew training. Hebrew for the Nations (Ivrit LaAmim) exists to meet this growing demand for Hebrew training for Bible translators.

Jewish believers who are native to Israel can contribute to this work in a unique way because they have spoken Israeli Hebrew from birth. Biblical Hebrew is a relatively small step away from the language they use on a daily basis. Plus the body of the Messiah in Israel is excited to see the Israeli congregations maturing to the point of sending members out to Bible serve translators abroad.

In light of this growing demand for Hebrew training abroad and this growing desire within Israel to send Israelis out in service/mission, Hebrew for the Nations was prayerfully formed in early 2017 with B. Kvasnica, T. Bar-David, and Jeremy B. after years of various people working towards this vision in small but significant ways. Hebrew4Nations is a program of Jerusalem Seminary, Hebrew for the Nations (Ivrit LaAmim) was founded in cooperation with Lech L’cha Student Program and the Jerusalem Center for Bible Translators (JCBT).

Jerusalem Seminary and Hebrew4Nations subscribe to the 1990 Israeli National Convention (Kenes Artzi) Statement of Faith” (1990) and spiritual oversight is by Avraham Ben-Hod, Dr. Yochanan Stanfield, and Dr. Yochanan Ronen (Halvor Ronning).

Hebrew4Nations launched the first Biblical Hebrew intensive semester training course in February 2018 with Dr. Ohed Cohen providing the first sessions and then with Eyal Nahum as the main teacher along with a third teacher.  We are pleased to announce that 18 Israelis participated, which will provide a core of Israeli teachers able to travel and provide short-term Biblical Hebrew courses. Teachers have already been sent to Nigeria and Mongolia presenting Biblical Hebrew courses. Our third course began in January 2020.

Please pray with us and consider supporting this initiative as we continue to build and improve our program for training Messianic Jews in Biblical Hebrew and language teaching methodologies.  Consider supporting the future Israeli believers to be trained and sent to the nations!  Please pray that this vision will continue to take root in the heart of the local Messianic communities in Israel. Please pray that Hebrew for the Nations staff will be able to connect Israelis with Bible translation teams who desire to host them for month-long or semester courses around the world.

Support for Hebrew4Nations can be given through Jerusalem Seminary, a USA non-profit organisation (501c3, EIN#823572011).  Tax-exempt donations can be ear-marked for this exciting work at or sent to Jerusalem Seminary, 8777 West Rayford Rd., The Woodlands, TX 77389.

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